How Does A Weighted Blanket Work?

There was a time when weighted blankets were reserved for therapists and psychiatry clinics. However, due to growing issues they have now gone mainstream. These blankets now play a huge role in stress relief and a healthy sleeping pattern. Numerous research suggests that using weighted blankets can benefit you, especially those who suffer from autism, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions that cause a lack of sleep.

To understand how they might help you, you must first understand how a weighted blanket works.

The Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a therapeutic blanket that normally weighs between 5 to 30 pounds. The added pressure from the blanket replicates a therapeutic model called Deep Pressure Stimulation, also referred to as (DPS).

DPS uses pressure to relax your nerves, and in the process it:

  • Relieves you of pain.
  • Reduces your level of anxiety.
  • Boosts your mood
  • Relieves your mind

A weighted blanket sets DPS in motion by wrapping around your body, creating an efficient and effective treatment commonly used in massage therapy.

Who Should Use A Weighted Blanket?

Over the years many researchers have covered the effectiveness of weighted blankets, and how they impact various conditions. Even today, there are endless studies and researches dedicated to finding the effectiveness of weighted blankets. While past studies prove its aid to individuals dealing with:

Autism - Autism has many kinds, most of which lead to anxiety and stress; making it impossible for them to function well in school, public situations, and workplaces. The weighted blanket offers them a stress-relieving agent that improves their ability to keep going. By staying focused they can keep a grip on life, and take on each day as it comes.

Those who suffer from ASD (Autism spectrum Disorder) feel sensory stimulations around them; ranging from touch to noises - that are too intense for them. Challenging them in day to day life, while keeping them anxious and up all night long. To help calm their nerves you need a weighted blanket that works towards soothing them with the perfect touch.

ADHD - Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, have a harder time paying attention or holding still. Causing problems in their day to day life, that can impact their relationships, education, and other aspects of their life. These children are constantly distracted by what goes on around them, as they have no control over their attention.

Using the weighted blankets' sense of touch, you can keep these children from losing their focus. Allowing them to focus on the task at hand, and cut away the distractions that jump at them. In this can it can help them enjoy a relaxing night's rest, ensuring they wake up well-rested and in a calming state of mind.

Anxiety - There comes a point in your life that you feel the anxiety kicking it, it can be any given moment; as anxiety gets us all. A feeling of worry or an uneasy throat usually about your future can cause your heart rate to increase. Which in return pushes your breathing to get faster, and prepares your body for stress. This state is a common issue for many in the world, disrupting their daily life caused by an anxiety disorder. There are times when you are worried about everyday situations, and even an upcoming event. Making your body feel under stress and pressure at all times.

Based on your situation, there is a chance your autonomic nervous system - a function known to control your breathing, sweating, shivering, and breathing - pushes your body into stress mode. Activating your flight or flight response. With the help of a pressure blanket, you can put your autonomic nervous system into rest mode, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety; creating a sense of calmness.

Insomnia & Other Sleeping Disorders - Finding yourself tossing and turning each night is not uncommon, as you share the feeling with 64% of the world's population. These individuals suffer from insomnia or other sleeping disorders. The root of the issue is your anxiety and stress, which makes existing problems worse. While they may not be the main cause, they play a huge role in adding to the issue.

The same way anxiety prepares you for stress, the pressure from the weighted blanket prepares you for a calming sense. Bringing down your heart rate, and boosting a healthy breathing pattern that calms your body and mind. Setting you towards a well-rested sleep that ensures a refreshed body and mind.

Chronic Pain - Most individuals suffering from chronic pain are caught in a vicious cycle of pain, causing them to lose sleep. Which in return adds to their pain levels, that sleeping can help soothe. With a restful sleep, you can feel an increase in your pain, tolerance level, and reduction in pain intensity. While poor sleep worsens your depression, anxiety, and ability to function.

Using a weighted blanket can help you break the chronic pain cycle, boosting your sleep, and easing your tension. Its weight helps reduce stress, decrease your anxiety, and ease your muscles. Achieving a healthy sleeping pattern that offers a break from endless pain, and ensures a much-needed recovery process.

The Science of Weighted Blankets

One of the common triggers of a racing heartbeat is stress. Once it's triggered it can be difficult to get your heartbeat down to a healthy rate. Lowering your heart rate requires you to feel calm. The pressure offered by a weighted blanket can help activate a parasympathetic nervous system, lowering your heart rate even when you are stressed. Once your heart rate is lowered it can help set in a sense of calmness all set in place by a weighted blanket.

The weighted blanket uses pressure therapy, by adding a certain amount of pressure on your body it offers you a sense of being hugged, held, swaddles, or stroked. With the right size and weight of a weighted blanket, you can easily cover anyone's need to feel loved.