Why Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping is essential to keep up with our daily lives. Getting enough sleep can maintain your health and mind in optimal condition. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep can result in malfunctioning of the brain and body and lead to dangerous health risks over time. There are many factors why a person gets little to no sleep at all. It can stem from an already existing unhealthy lifestyle or mental illness. But if the cause of lack of sleep is within our control, it is essential to get enough sleep regularly. 

Below is a list of benefits that health professionals associated with getting a good night’s rest:

Benefits From a Good Full Sleep

Improved productivity and concentration

Researchers have already looked into the effects of sleep deprivation and found that sleeping is linked to several brain functions, such as concentration, productivity, and cognitive function. Those studies proved sleep patterns have a direct impact on human behavior and performance.

Lack of sleep will cause a malfunction in brain processing power during the day, leading to lower concentration and productivity. Taking in caffeine to counter the sleepiness during the day will only result in another sleepless night. So think twice before putting an all-nighter and put your body under a counterproductive cycle. Get 8 hours of sleep, as much as possible.

Better calorie regulation for lower weight gain risk

Getting good sleep isn’t directly linked to reducing weight. But some studies have shown that getting enough sleep affects the production of hormones responsible for appetite control. Lack of sleep interrupts the ability of your body to regulate these hormones, thus leading to an increase or decrease in food intake. 

Sleep deprivation also induces stress in our minds which causes unhealthy cravings all the time. People also lose motivation to exercise when in a constant state of exhaustion due to lack of sleep.

Lower risk of heart disease

Adequate sleep can allow our body to regulate blood pressure properly. Without proper rest, the body will release a stress hormone called cortisol, triggering the heart to work extra harder. This event usually leads to high blood pressure and eventually a heart attack. Know that whenever we sleep, our heart activity reduces too, so it can function powerfully and properly whenever we are awake.

Increased social and emotional intelligence that prevents depression

Sleeping affects how our brains work. Being able to assess our surroundings emotionally and adequately respond to them can be linked to how good our sleep was. One study found that sleep deprivation can cause lesser emotional empathy. Lack of sleep causes emotional irritation to the little challenges a person may face during the day. 

And when you are in a constant state of frustration and annoyance, your brain will receive too much stress that can cause unstable mental health. Often people who lack sleep or have sleeping disorders likely show signs of depression. To better your mental health and how you live every day, getting enough sleep is the best solution.

Stronger immune system

A well-rested body gets to function correctly. And when your body works properly, it can repair, regenerate and recover itself from virus or bacteria attacks. Without proper sleep, your immune system will also malfunction and respond slower to attacks at a much slower rate. Specialists also stated that a well-rested body could make vaccines more effective to your immune system.

With Improved Sleep Comes Improved Lifestyle

Lack of sleep never produced a good result. So we must try and get as much sleep as possible. Being well-rested not only makes our body healthy but also our relationships with our loved ones. If you are having trouble sleeping lately, it is better to start finding ways to improve your sleep. With better sleep, you also get a taste of a better peaceful life.